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New Palladio release and website

Palladio 3.2 was released on 2011-03-06. The tool release is accompanied with a brand new website: palladio-simulator.com.

The new palladio-simulator.com website
The new palladio-simulator.com website

New Tool Release

Palladio 3.2 is the latest tools release of the so-called "Palladio-Bench". The new release comes with tons of new features:

  • Support for Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo)
  • New graphical editor for the resource environment
  • Support of reliabilty analysis
  • New scheduler (Linux, Windows) with improved precision
  • Simplified launch configuration (model file selection)
  • Increased control over random number generation
  • Automated design optimisation for performance, reliability, costs
  • Integration of the new probe specification framework
  • New workflow engine with extended configurability
  • Various PCM meta-model refinements
  • Stabilisation, numerous bug fixes, dozens of further new features

New Website

The new Palladio website is for the first time organised for multiple audiences: Researchers, practioners, interested people, and developers. Each audience has a specially designed entry point. Available information has been restructured, complemented, and polished.