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Chair for Software Design and Quality (SDQ)

SDQ has been created in February 2006 and is headed by Prof. Dr. Ralf H. Reussner. Our research is concerned with an engineering approach to software design. In particular, we research in software components, software architecture, model-based performance engineering and prediction, and long-living software systems. Our chair is actively involved in organisation of scientific conferences and various other events. For an overview see our research profile and research projects.

For information on present and past teaching, please visit the corresponding page. There is also a page listing thesis subjects available both for bachelor and master's theses.


Dr.-Ing. Heiko Klare successfully passed his defence on 2021-05-19 with highest honors.

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The paper "PerOpteryx: automated application of tactics in multi-objective software architecture optimization." by Anne Koziolek, Heiko Koziolek, and Ralf Reussner has been awarded the ICSA'21 10-years Most Influential Paper Award.

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We aim to bring researchers and practitioner together, to discuss the systematic description and evaluation of software engineering research.


Virtual Workshop 23 June 2021

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New journal paper of SDQ members Heiko Klare, Erik Burger and Ralf Reussner presenting the Vitruvius approach in Journal of Systems & Software.


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