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Publications of Robert Vaupel

Books/Book Chapters and edited Proceedings

[1] Robert Vaupel. High Availability and Scalability of Mainframe Environments. KIT Scientific Publishing, Karlsruhe, 2013. [ bib | http | http | Abstract ]
Mainframe computers are the backbone of industrial and commercial computing, hosting the most relevant and critical data of businesses. One of the most important mainframe environments is IBM System z with the operating system z/OS. This book introduces mainframe technology of System z and z/OS with respect to high availability and scalability. It highlights their presence on different levels within the hardware and software stack to satisfy the needs for large IT organizations.
[2] Robert Vaupel and Chris Vignola. Managing Heterogenouse Workloads, chapter 10, pages 185-200. Larstan Publishing Inc., 2006. [ bib ]
[3] Michael Teuffel and Robert Vaupel. Das Betriebssystem z/OS und die zSeries. Darstellung eines modernen Großrechnersystems. Oldenbourg, München, 2004. [ bib ]

Refereed journal articles

[1] Robert Vaupel, Ulrich Hild, and Stefan Wirag. z/OS Workload Management - Überblick, Stärken und Ausblick (z/OS Workload Management - Overview, Strength and Outlook). it - Information Technology, 48(5):294-303, 2006, Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag GmbH. [ bib | http ]
[2] Robert Vaupel. Managing Workloads in z/OS. IBM Systems Magazine, January 2004. [ bib ]

Refereed conference/Workshop papers

[1] Robert Vaupel, Qais Noorshams, Samuel Kounev, and Ralf Reussner. Using Queuing Models for Large System Migration Scenarios - An Industrial Case Study with IBM System z. In Computer Performance Engineering. 10th European Workshop, EPEW 2013, Venice, Italy, September 16-17, 2013. Proceedings, Maria Simonetta Balsamo, William J. Knottenbelt, and Andrea Marin, editors, volume 8168 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 263-275. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2013. [ bib | DOI | http | .pdf ]


[1] Robert Vaupel. Darstellung des Ablaufverhaltens von Kommunikationssoftware durch Simulation von Spezifikationen in CSM. Master's thesis, Universität Karlsruhe (TH), August 1987. [ bib ]
[2] T. Levante and Robert Vaupel. Untersuchungen zur Erfassung und Verfolgung bewegter Objekte in Bildfolgen mit stationärer Kamera. Studienarbeit, Universität Karlsruhe (TH), 1985. [ bib ]


[1] Robert Vaupel. Routing Workloads Based on Relative Queue Lengths of Dispatchers. Patent No. 8245238, United States, August 2012. [ bib ]
[2] Robert Vaupel. Routing Workloads and Method Thereof. Patent No. 4959845, Japan, March 2012. [ bib ]
[3] Robert Vaupel. Method for Controlling the Capacity Usage of a Logically Partitioned Data Processing System. Patent No. 7752415, United States, July 2010. [ bib ]
[4] G. Dritschler, Robert Vaupel, G. Vater, and P. Yocom. Method for Controlling the Number of Servers in a Hierarchical Resource Environment. Patent No. 7734676, United States, June 2010. [ bib ]
[5] G. Bosch, Robert Vaupel, and S. Wirag. Autonomous Management of System Troughput. Patent No. 7487506, United States, February 2009. [ bib ]
[6] D. Dillenberger, S. Heisig, I. Salm, and Robert Vaupel. Managing Isochronous Processes in a Heterogenous Work Environement. Patent No. 6470406, United States, October 2002. [ bib ]