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Since 1 January 2021, the chair for Software Design and Quality is part of the KASTEL institute as the Dependability of Software-intensive Systems group. Please visit our new homepage at https://dsis.kastel.kit.edu.

Dr.-Ing. Andreas Rentschler

This is the alumni page of Andreas Rentschler. It is online for archiving reasons. The information on this page may thus be outdated; please refer to the current webpage of the person for details.


Publications are listed on a separate page.

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These are the theses and select seminar papers I supervised:

  • David Merkel, Reimplementierung einer Performance-Completion in QVT-O zur Verbesserung ihrer Wartbarkeit. Bachelor's thesis, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), 2011.
  • Per Sterner, Statische Code-Analyse von Modelltransformationen. Diploma thesis, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), 2012.
  • Dominik Werle, Adding a Module Concept to the Model Transformation Language Xtend. Bachelor's thesis, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), 2013.
  • Dominik Messinger, Automatic Clustering for Software Architecture Recovery with Bunch. Seminar on Big Data, Architecture and Performance, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), 2014.

I have been involved in preparation of the annual lecture Komponentenbasierte Softwarearchitektur (Component-based Software Architecture) for summer terms 2011 and 2012, and preparation and teaching one of the slots of lecture Modellgetriebene Software-Entwicklung (Model-Driven Software Development) during summer term 2014.

I organized tutorial lessons for the course Softwaretechnik II (Software Engeering II) during winter term 2011/2012.

Together with my colleagues Max Kramer and Erik Burger, I co-organized the practical course Modellgetriebene Software-Entwicklung (Model-driven Software Development) during winter terms 2012/2013, and 2013/2014.

For our seminar on Requirements Engineering in summer term 2013, I co-reviewed the participants' seminar papers.

For the course Software Quality Engineering mit Eclipse, taught during summer term 2013, in my role as one of the organizers, I have been co-awarded with the faculty's "Best Practical Course Award". The award is conferred based on votings during the KIT's biannual teaching evaluation.

Review Activities

As a subreviewer, I have delivered reviews for several renowned conferences, including:

  • 15th International ACM SIGSOFT Symposium on Component Based Software Engineering (CBSE 2012)
  • 35th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE 2013)
  • 9th International ACM Sigsoft Conference on the Quality of Software Architectures (QoSA 2013)
  • Arbeitstagung des GI-Querschnittsfachausschusses Modellierung (MoK 2014)

Software Development Activities

These are the tools that I have developed in cooperation with supervised students and fellow researchers:

  • QVTom – A modular extension for QVTo (together with Dominik Werle)
  • Xtend2m – A modular extension for Xtend2 (with Dominik Werle)
  • Transformation Analysis – A visualization tool for QVT editors under the Eclipse IDE (with Per Sterner)
  • Transformation Cluster Analysis – Remodularizing QVT-O and Xtend model transformations with Bunch
  • QVTr2Coq – Encoding QVT-R Transformations in Coq (with Jeffrey Terrell and Steffen Zschaler)

From 2011 through early 2015, I took charge of the project lead for two core components of the Palladio project,

  • Editors – Palladio's graphical GMF-based editors (previously lead by Chris Rathfelder), and
  • Completions – A collection of refinement transformations (previously led by Lucia Happe).



Last update: March 28, 2015