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Since 1 January 2021, the chair for Software Design and Quality is part of the KASTEL institute as the Dependability of Software-intensive Systems group. Please visit our new homepage at https://dsis.kastel.kit.edu.

Dr.-Ing. Klaus Krogmann

This is the alumni page of Klaus Krogmann. It is online for archiving reasons. The information on this page may thus be outdated; please refer to the current webpage of the person for details.


Professional Activities

I am division manager for Software Engineering at the FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik (Research Center for Information Technologies) and heading the research branch on Software Evolution and Reengineering of the Software Design and Quality (SDQ) group.

My work is concerned with an engineering approach to software development with special focus on the quality of component-based software architectures. One core asset is the Palladio approach for quality assurance (performance, reliability, maintainability, and costs) of component-based software systems. My interests include model-based software development, foundation of modelling and meta-modelling, reverse engineering of component-based systems, and support of software architects in practice.

I received my PhD ("Dr.-Ing.") from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in 2010. Back in 2006 I finished my studies of computer science with a diploma degree ("Dipl.-Inform.") at the University of Oldenburg.

Research Interests

Among others, my research interests include the following:

  • Evolution of software systems with focus on quality properties
  • Reverse engineering with focus on software architectures, and performance behaviour specifications
  • Software performance and reliability engineering and evaluation of quality of service
  • Component-based software engineering and engineering of high-quality software architectures
  • Model-driven software development, foundations of modelling and meta-modelling
  • Search based software engineering, genetic algorithms, genetic programming, and machine learning


Publications are listed on a separate page.


I am regularly giving a lecture on Software Evolution at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). Formerly, I have have been involved in lectures on Component-Based Software Engineering (Komponentenbasierte Software-Entwicklung), Software Architectures (Software-Architekturen), Model-Driven Software Development (Modellgetriebene Software-Entwicklung), Component-Based Software Architectures (Komponentenbasierte Software-Architekturen), and Software Engineering II (Software-Technik II). Furthermore, I have supervised numerous seminars, study, bachelor, diploma and master theses.