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Since 1 January 2021, the chair for Software Design and Quality is part of the KASTEL institute as the Dependability of Software-intensive Systems group. Please visit our new homepage at https://dsis.kastel.kit.edu.

Dr.-Ing. Michael Kuperberg

This is the alumni page of Michael Kuperberg. It is online for archiving reasons. The information on this page may thus be outdated; please refer to the current webpage of the person for details.

Dr.-Ing. Michael Kuperberg





CV (up-to-date, printable PDF)

Curriculum vitae (CV) with experiences, publications etc.: PDF (300 KB), last updated May 4th, 2011.

For an extended version with references, please contact me per email.

I can also provide feature-equivalent versions in German.

A rough timeline of my career (details see CV PDF):

Since March 2011 Release manager (elected officer) of the SPEC Research Group
November 2010 - now Postdoctoral researcher at the KIT, lecturer of graduate lab courses and manager of the Informatics Innovation Center (IIC)
March 2006 - November 2010
Ph.D. student ("Doktorand") at the Department of Computer Science, University of Karlsruhe
August 2003 - June 2004    
Studies in computer science as graduate student at University of Massachusetts, Boston, USA
October 2000-February 2006 Studies of Computer Science at the University of Karlsruhe; internships at SAP AG, asknet AG and student research / tutoring positions in academia
July 2000 Abitur at Goethe-Gymnasium in Karlsruhe

Research Interests

Among others, my research interests include the following:

  • Performance prediction and evaluation in virtual machines, in particular in the JVM with consideration of JIT effects
  • Bytecode benchmarking and runtime bytecode metrics
  • Model-based creation of parameter-aware benchmarking suites
  • Automated, heuristics-based method benchmarking, incl. full API benchmarking with consideration of parametric dependencies and polymorphism
  • Precise measurements at extremely fine-granular level, e.g. of sub-microsecond operations
  • Hard disk benchmarking and performance prediction in context of Java applications, incl. RAID disk arrays
  • Program instrumentation and program transformation, especially at bytecode level
  • Component-based software architectures and component-oriented software engineering, with focus on performance testing

I've also done reviews for the TSE journal (IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering), as well as for CBSE and QoSA international conferences.


Publications are listed on a separate page, with links to PDF versions and BibTeX bibliography entries as *.bib files.

A printable list of publications is part of the CV-as-PDF file.

Teaching and advising

I am involved in teaching the following regular lectures: Performance Engineering of Enterprise Software Systems, Component-Based Software Engineering (Komponentenbasierte Software-Entwicklung) and Software Architectures (Software-Architekturen). Additionally, I am engaged in the Software Performance Engineering with Eclipse practical lab course, as well as in the seminars of our chair.

Diploma, study, bachelor and master theses offered by our group are available here.