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BMBF Project Trust 4.0

BMBF funded research project Trust 4.0: Dataflow-based Privacy and Trust Modelling and Analysis in Industry 4.0 Systems

The research project Trust 4.0 has been started at SDQ in the beginning of 2018. The project is about establishing trust and privacy in distributed supply chain settings. Distributed supply chains consist of many organizations that have to exchange information in order to improve the production process. On the other side, organizations might be competitors and therefore want to limit data exchange with those organizations.

The approach is to perform design and runtime analyses based on data flows to determine the required protection level of data to be exchanged. A runtime enforcement platform preserves the determined protection level. Evaluation takes place on case studies provided by industrial partners.

Besides SDQ, the project partners are CAS (Germany), Charles University in Prague (Czech), and IMA (Czech). The German Federal Ministry for Education and Research is funding the German partners (grants 01IS17106A and 01IS17106B). Czech partners are funded by the Technological Agency of the Czech Republic (grant 2017TF04000064)

More information is available on the project website (http://trust40.ipd.kit.edu).
Principal Investigator: Robert Heinrich