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Best paper award at ICPE 2011

Anne Koziolek (Martens) and Catia Trubiani have received a best paper award for their contribution “Detection and Solution of Software Performance Antipatterns in Palladio Architectural Models”.

Catia Trubiani and Anne Koziolek. Detection and solution of software performance antipatterns in palladio architectural models. In ICPE'11: Proceedings of the 2nd ACM/SPEC International Conference on Performance Engineering, New York, NY, USA, 2011. ACM. [bib]


Antipatterns are conceptually similar to patterns in that they document recurring solutions to common design problems. Performance Antipatterns document, from a performance perspective, common mistakes made during software development as well as their solutions. The definition of performance antipatterns concerns software properties that can include static, dynamic, and deployment aspects. Currently, such knowledge is only used by domain experts; the problem of automatically detecting and solving antipatterns within an architectural model has not been experimented yet. In this paper we present an approach to automatically detect and solve software performance antipatterns within the Palladio architectural models: the detection of an antipattern provides a software performance feedback to designers, since it suggests the architectural alternatives that actually allow to overcome specific performance problems. We implemented the approach and a case study is presented to demonstrate its validity. The system performance under study has been improved of 50% by applying antipatterns' solutions.