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Industry Cooperations

SDQ is engineering Software Architectures with predictable QualityThe Software Design and Quality Group has applied its research in a number of industry cooperations. Additional acadamia projects complements the application areas of research results. The cooperations include, among others, consulting on the quality of software architecture design and performance evaluation and assessments using the Palladio approach.

Selected Industrial Cooperations

IBM z-Series Storage Subsystem

IBMThe storage subsystem of the IBM z-Series is a very complex, virtualised, multi-layer software system. In a project with IBM in Böblingen, Germany, we successfully modelled and predicted the performance of different architecture design alternatives of the storage subsystem. This enabled IBM to compare the architectural design alternatives without requiring to implement at least prototypes of all promising alternatives. The model-level prediction capabilities of Palladio helped to avoid wasting implementation efforts for poorly performing design alternatives. The project could successfully show that Palladio helps selecting the right design alternatives while at the same time lowering the effort for the evaluation of quality attributes of software architectures. Furthermore, Palladio helped identifying potential bottlenecks and enabled sizing analysis for different load scenarios.

Details on the case study

ptv: Fast Map and Routing Services

PTV traffic mobility logistics Offering fast map and routing services to their customers is crutial to the business of PTV AG located in Karlsruhe, Germany. Palladio helped to plan and develop new functionality with optimal performance. Routing services can become computationaly very expensive. Optimizing response times and balancing the server load helps saving expenses for the execution environment and enables green IT.

Details on the case study

Reference Projects

Palladio has been used is various industrial projects.

Partners with publicly available case studies:

  • 1&1, Karlsruhe, Germany (case study details):
    Performance anomalies detection and monitoring
  • ABB, Ladenburg, Germany (case study details):
    Software architecture optimisation of a high performance service and maintenance data repository
  • Ericsson Nikola Tesla, Zagreb, Croatia (case study details):
    Analysis of a distributed middleware-based IT communication infrastructure
  • IBM, Böblingen, Germany (case study details):
    Analysis of a complex, virtualised, multi-layer storage subsystem software of System-z
  • PTV AG, Karlsruhe, Germany (case study details):
    Analysis and development of a large data-intensive application for fast map and routing services

Selected companies and partners applying Palladio:

Additional Industrial Partners