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DFG Palladio Research Project

Funded by DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft - German Research Council)
part of the "Aktionsplan Informatik"
Volume approx. 1,000,000 Euro
Head Prof. Dr. Ralf H. Reussner
Members Steffen Becker, Michael Kuperberg

PalladioOur main project, Palladio, aims at methods and tools to constructing software according to a set of predefined quality of service attributes. Nowadays, requirements concerning the quality attributes of software are handled in a in a trial and error process. This approach is not only cost-intensive but also prohibits the certification of the resulting product.

Therefore the goal of the Palladio project is to provide a set of methods and tools for predicting the reliability and performance of software architectures. We want to give immediate feedback during high-level designs when alternatives of design choices have to be evaluated.

We therefore utilize and expand existing knowledge from the fields of component based software engineering and the field of quality of service prediction. In order to reach this goal we want to use the specification of the underlying components as well as the information about their interoperability.

The project concentrates on the development of models for the prediction of the reliability and performance of an given architecture. Furtheron, as we know from every day practice components need to be adapted to their specific deployment context. Therefore the project also investigates in the generation of standardized adaption methods which change the component behaviour in a predictable way as this is neccessary to foresee the effects of adaptions that have to be done in real life projects.

Some of the project's results are the Palladio Component Model and the Palladio Tooling. Research on Palladio is ongoing after the DFG project.