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ModAgile Mobile

Applications for mobile devices (apps) are a fast-growing sector within the software development industry. Projections indicate a total market volume of USD 25 billion in 2014. Unlike the development of classical business applications for desktop computers, the development of mobile applications is characterised by particularly short product life cycles, by a short time to market, and by the need to support various target platforms (e.g. iPhone, Android, Blackberry). Developers need to exploit the hardware features of mobile devices (such as camera, orientation sensors, GPS, touch screens, etc.) without implementing the application from scratch for each new device.

The BMBF-funded joint research project's goal is to approach these challenges: Model-driven techniques support the development of mobile apps. Device-specific parts of the application need to be implemented only once, significantly reducing the effort to support multiple platforms. Quality assurance along the entire development process increases software quality. Agile methods speed up the product development cycles.

Modagile Mobile offers a way to respond fast and flexibly to changes of market demand. At the same time, the effort needed to adapt to different mobile devices is reduced, facilitating an efficient multi-platform development.

The project was successfully finished in June 2013.

Contact: Klaus Krogmann, Martin Küster

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