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Since 1 January 2021, the chair for Software Design and Quality is part of the KASTEL institute as the Dependability of Software-intensive Systems group. Please visit our new homepage at https://dsis.kastel.kit.edu.


An increasing number of private households are becoming producers of renewable energy. As a significant technical and financial outlay is required in order to store and/or transport such decentrally-generated energy over greater distances, it is beneficial from an economic perspective to utilize this energy both locally and promptly. However, this does require the ability to be able to deal with local excess production at short notice using, for example, an electronic trading platform.

The objective of "PeerEnergyCloud" is to research and develop cloud-based technologies for such a platform. This includes the establishment of a virtual marketplace for local power trading as well as the design and development of innovative recording and forecast methods within a so-called "micro grid". The integration of local sensors and actuators at the end user locations, via a specially secured fiber optic cable, enables the "smart micro grid cloud services" to access usage data in real-time, which can be used for the purpose of generating forecasts, for example. Furthermore, if the consumer allows selected data to be used for other purposes, additional energy-related services (e.g. energy auditing, object protection/building monitoring, etc.) could be offered via third-party providers. A specific case is currently being reviewed within the scope of the project, which relates to a micro grid in the city of Saarlouis that consists of approximately 500 housing units and numerous photovoltaic facilities.


Contact: Fouad ben Nasr Omri

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