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The growing complexity of software intensive, real-time embedded systems combined with constant quality and time-tomarket constraints creates new challenges for engineering practices.

These systems are developed according to a traditional application of the verification-and-validation cycle, where V&V activities start only when implementation and integration is completed. Many major issues, often related to the architecture and introduced early in the process, are not found until integration and validation.

At this point, they are more difficult and more expensive to fix. While preserving the V&V cycle, VERDE is promoting a more iterative and incremental approach to software development that will be driven by the early V&V activities.

The two principal goals are to:

  • Develop a solution for iterative, incremental development and validation of RTES that integrates testing and analysis tools;
  • Foster the industrialisation of this solution through a close collaboration between technology providers and end users from different domains, specifically software radio, aerospace, railway and automotive.

This ITEA 2 project will be an opportunity for a close collaboration between mature technology providers and end users from different sectors of the Industry, with the overall objective of investigating new directions for the next generation of engineering tools.

Contact: Martin Küster

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